We are a team comprising of 8 third-year students (2015/2016) in the Imperial Electrical Engineering Department, who are teaming up with IBM members, including Senior Inventor Jon McNamara, to create a cognitive machine and send it on a journey to the edge of space. The majority of our team study Electrical and Electronic Engineering, whilst two of our members study Electronic and Information Engineering, with more of an academic focus on programming.

Meet the team


                      Wei Cong Te

                  Usmaan Qureshi

                  Usmaan Qureshi


                          Yihan Qi

                     Diyar Alyasiri


                    Peter McQuaid

                  Arshan Shafiei


                      Max Poynton

                      Shawn Tsou


Our team is based in the Electrical and Engineering Department on the Imperial College South Kensington Campus. To contact us please use the form above, or send us a tweet! You should follow us to stay update with the latest news @edgeIBMimperial !

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