We finally launched our probe on a lovely sunny Saturday! We were incredibly lucky in many ways; almost running out of fuel in our chase-car, needing 3x the originally calculated amount of helium due to the flight-predictor suggesting we might fly into Heathrow airport and having just enough due to a delivery error for the helium, and it being one of the only sunny days in a week of thunderstorms!

After a successful but painful-on-the-hands launch, the probe lost radio contact mid-way during the flight, but luckily the HABHUB network of radio dishes could track our payload for us as we chased it across the country. We had the last-known location on our satnav as we travelled towards Hockley. As we drew closer, we regained radio contact with our portable Yagi antenna! We managed to pinpoint the latitude and longitude and set off on foot. We were worried it may have landed in the road, but Wei spotted our plucky Sentinel's bright orange colouring through a hedge, in the middle of a field.

We retrieved it and were amazed to find it perfectly in tact, with hardly a scratch, and all the electronics in working order.

Here is our final launch video that we showed during our final project presentation. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!