Hello Everyone! From now until our much anticipated launch, we will be documenting the journey of our project. Firstly, we have provisionally planned our launch date for the 10th June, that is before adjusting for weather conditions and availability from Churchill at Cambridge etc (who have just recently given us the go ahead!).

Our group had its first meeting in which we discussed the fundamental layout of the project. We split up into smaller teams in order to efficiently tackle the very first stages of research. Arshan and I (Peter) focused on the Raspberry Pi, PITS and LoRa modules, Diyar, Wei and Yihan focused on the sensors and website design and Max, Shawn and Usmaan focused on the software ecosystems provided by IBM.

We are eagerly waiting to visit IBM Hursley next Wednesday so that we can ask as many questions as possible regarding the probe design, learn more about IBM and their vision going forward and also receive our kit which will allow us to delve a lot deeper technically into the project.

- Peter